Autonomous Facility Management Infrastructure

Maintaining and Monitoring Residential and Commercial Properties using

Rootie Rootie

These days, routine maintenance of residential and commercial environments suffers from several factors, most of which are done manually, inefficiently, and causes a tremendous waste of resources.
Our mission is to create a brand-new world of precision maintenance by synergistically combining sustainable care, smart cleaning, and precise maintenance.
We expect robots to be a significant part of our lives in the years to come, whether it's autonomous vehicles that will take us to work, guide us in airports, or telecare in hospitals.
We have forgotten the simplest thing is to take care of proper maintenance of an outdoor environment innovatively and efficiently.
Our autonomous tools are carefully built to help field workers lead future and entire generations of intelligent maintenance, using groundbreaking technology.
Rootie invites you to take part in our journey of making our world more clean, green, and environmentally friendly.

What We Do

Rootie aims to disrupt the maintenance robotics market, targeting a market size of $28B within the US. We are solving a problem that many of the population worldwide currently faces, but no practical solution is available.
Our team has vast experience in Robotics R&D, developing various robots for both consumer and commercial markets, from a robotic arm that folds laundry through urban drones, telepresence robots, and automated agricultural platforms.
Rootie is a one-stop-shop, fully autonomous robotic platform that assists businesses in many of their daily tasks, replacing them with repetitive and physical tasks while reducing labor costs and shortages.
We have developed a deep neural integrated into our mobile platform that enables real-time processing and detecting anomalies while traveling and maintaining outdoor environments. Our solution uses advanced hardware, unique and proprietary mechanics, electronics, software stack, embedded low-level processors, and AI.



We are always open for collaborations and partners that can join our great team.
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