Precision Gardening

Precision Agriculture and Smart Gardening

Bringing Autonomous Robots for Gardening, Landscaping and Agriculture uses to every household


Our Vision

Agricultural robots today are large, expensive, therefore we can only find them in agricultural fields.
Our mission is create a brand-new world of precision gardening by combining precision agriculture and smart gardening synergistically together.
We expect robots to be a significant part of our lives in the years to come, whether it's autonomous vehicles that will take us to work, guide us in airports and tele-care in hospitals.
We forgot the simplest thing that it is taking care of ourselves, helping and caring for our family, our home which eventually will make our environment a more pleasant, fun, and productive place.
Rootie invites you to take part in our journey of making our world a more green, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Our mission is based on three key values:




What We Do

Rootie aims to disrupt the consumer robotics market, targeting a market size of 3.5B$ only within the US. We are solving a problem that large amount of the population within the worldwide currently faces, but no practical solution is available.
The team has vast experience in Robotics R&D, developing various robots for the both consumer and commercial markets, from a robotic arm that folds laundry, through drones, telepresence robots and agricultural robotic platforms.
Our RootieBot is a fully autonomous robotic platform that assists the customer in many of their daily tasks, replacing them in the more 'boring' tasks, while allowing them to be more involved at the 'enjoyable' tasks.

Rootie opens a new era of human-robot interaction

We developed a Deep-Neural network that is integrated into our mobile platform that enables real-time processing and detection of anomalies while traveling outdoors. Our solution is using the most advanced software and hardware currently at the market, based on our unique and custom design of mechanics, electronics, embedded low level processors, and AI.


We are constantly looking for collaborations and partners that can join our great team.
If you think there is something relevant here for you, you are always welcome for a cup of coffee.

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